Current Products

Aura Patch System™

The Aura Patch is a small metalized energy patch that attaches to the body and presents a field of supportive and restorative energy back into the body's energetic field. The AURA patches are an energy delivery system. They provide specific energy patterns that are found in people with abundant good health. By restoring these energy patterns, we have observed a positive change in people's health. The patches are programmed with completely natural frequencies with no negative side-effects. There is nothing synthetic in the therapy and there is no chemistry that passes through the skin. This is the same abundant energy that we find around and inside the healthiest people on earth.

Bed Time Magic™

The Bed Time Magic patch will help restore your normal sleep cycles. The sleep patch is energetically programmed with restoration frequencies to achieve balance for a restful night's sleep. Made to be placed inside your pillow case; comes with (10) self adhesive patches per package. One patch will last for six nights.

Cell Phone Battery Booster™

The Cell Phone Disk is a revolutionary discovery that will defend against electro-pollution from cell phones and mobile phones, and also enhances the battery energy for longer use between charges. The proprietary process enables the cell phone chip to emit neutralizing frequencies that correspond and eliminate harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) as well as improving battery life. The Phone chip prevents the body's energies from disturbances through environmental influences such as harmful EMF electromagnetic fields.


Crystal Blue Air Chip™

The CBAC has been tested in Korea, Mexico and United States for gas efficiencies and improved toxic emissions. The chip uses a magnetic-like energy field, which raises the quantum coherent level of the energetic structure of petroleum. This conditioning increases the energetic structure of the fuel and neutralizes the toxic elements while octane and oxygen energetics are increased prior to combustion taking place. The result is a dramatic reduction in automobile smog emissions and an increase in performance, (both torque and horsepower).

EMR & EMF Protector™

The EMR Protector is specifically made for Cell Phone Ear Piece protection. It easily attaches to any Ear Phone piece, and keeps protecting from EMR's & EMF's radiation for one full year. The proprietary process enables the cell phone chip to emit neutralizing energetic signatures that correspond and eliminate harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

Thermal-Sound Seal™ IF-1000 Window Insulation Disk

The Window Insulation and Noise Reduction seal is made to improve insulation and noise reduction properties by a factor of 57%. The seal has been electromagnetically charged with specific frequencies that bond the gases inside the windows. The seal improves the density of the insulation on all windows and glass doors that contain carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), (Kr), and argon-krypton mixtures.

Flea & Tick Inhibitor™

The Flea & Tick Inhibitor™ is designed as a barrier to flea and tick infestation and is effective on both dogs and cats. The inhibitor is programmed with six specific homeopathic energetic signatures that create a All Natural Non-toxic Barrier to fleas and ticks.

Parasite Inhibitor™ (For Pets)

During a study of homeopathic remedies, we developed a product designed as a barrier to microscopic infestations. The Parasite Inhibitor for pets has six specific energetic signatures that are electrometrically programmed into the drug-free seal. By attaching one (1) self-adhesive Parasite Inhibitor seal to the bottom of your petsŐ food and water bowls, your animals will receive a safe, non-toxic energetic signature that works to maintain the proper energy level needed to fight off parasites.

Quality Assurance Seal™

The QA seals are used on nutritional supplements to enhance the products potential, and for the protection against the degradation of the ingredients. They ensure that the ingredients will be kept at their highest level of energy. By attaching a single seal to the bottom or side of the container, the ingredients within will receive specific energetic frequencies from the seals; thus keeping the ingredients fresher, thereby supporting the claims and the reputation of the product.

Rejuvenator 300Gp™

The Rejuvenator 300Gp encourages proper cell reproduction while you are sleeping. The seals were designed to provide energetic information for healing and individual cell integrity through a flux of frequencies that are consistent with magnetic therapy.

They also support a better system for natural healing. Research has found that by attaching (5) Rejuvenator seals to your mattress, your body receives balanced magnetic field information while sleeping, which encourages better cell reproduction for increased healing and rejuvenation.